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Aim of the interdisciplinary research network is:

  • To establish a national and international recognised network for interdisciplinary research on biodiversity and management of urban waters in Berlin
  • To join and coordinate research potentials in order to use synergies to work together on successful proposals for third-party funding
  • To strengthen the international competitive power in research and application and to promote new research topics about ecological functions and ecosystem services in urban waters and their effect on the catchment
  • To develop innovative concepts for the management of urban waters and their biodiversity as new ecosystems shaped by humans
  • Forschung zu ökologischen Funktionen und Ökosystemleistungen urbaner Gewässer und deren Auswirkungen auf das Einzugsgebiet anzuregen
  • To establish synergies between business-related projects e.g. for combined waste water management and restoration of waterbodies in Berlin





  • Which concepts and visions exist for ecological goals and mission statements?
  • Where are examples of successful restoration projects in urban waters?
  • Which principles and examples are available for adaptive management strategies and implementations?
  • What do we know about restoration of waterbodies and banks?
  • Which sociological studies dealing with waterbodies and restoration projects are available?
  • What know-how and research is urgently lacking?
  • How can we create more synergies between stakeholders?