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Waters should be fun!

Everyone wants a city where the numerous waterbodies are full of live and dainty clean, swimming is a lot of fun and we can enjoy the drinking water.
In order to achieve this goal, a lot of research is already being done and a lot of money has been invested. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go before all challenges are constructively accepted and managed. Here you will find the most important research challenges for vivant waters in urban areas.


WassertouristenOpen research questions:

  • When and where there is a demand for ecosystem functions and services?
  • Where and for which activities people come to the water?
  • How can people actively participate in the exploration of Berlin's waterbodies?
  • Which waterbodies are used no longer or just a little?
  • Where can we create new access to the water and unblock the shores?
  • Where can we develop new baths and/or revitalize old ones?
  • Where and how can we better experience waterbodies and their wildlife in berlin?
  • Where are infrastructures missing e.g. for paddlers, nature watchers or fishermen?
  • Which revitalization or management actions have proven to be efficient and effective for urban waterbodies?
  • Which water routes are not yet traversable for fish?
  • Where is space for floating islands, new reed areas and other structures to bring more nature to Berlin?