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The ‘Good Ecological Potential’ is an ecologic development objective of the European Water Framework Directive for artificial and heavily modified water bodies which turned out to be insufficient and does not consider the high demand of ecosystem services in urban areas. It is necessary to completely evaluate the ecologic potential in urban areas and work out a basic concept. Therefore people and their access to waterbodies, their options to experience them and the biodiversity of waterbodies becomes the centre of interest.

The interdisciplinary research network is funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.

The coalition will ensure that there is a public access to fresh air, less noise, clean water, open spaces, parks, rivers and lakes in the growing city… The shores of Berlin's waterbodies should be open to the public in principle…The water and shore areas should be designed as close to nature as possible…The coalition will tackle Berlin's key water challenges and implement the Water Framework Directive as soon as possible for all rivers. We will enable swimming in the river Spree.

Coalition agreement 2016

„Slowly the awareness arises that metropolises have a special responsibility in ecological urban redevelopment. Berlin has the potential to be an ecological asset, even a pioneer.“


„The citizens of Berlin want to experience and enjoy their river! They demand more public accessibility of the river and its shores. Also the water-oriented recreation should be possible in the city center.“

(Berliner Stadtgespräch)

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