Healthy waters for liveable cities

Urban Waters is a network of researchers, planners and practitioners that looks at the ecological potentials of streams, ponds, rivers and lakes in cities. Based at IGB Berlin, it connects local, national and international stakeholders as an interdisciplinary network with a focus on applied research. Our main research interest lies in river revitalisation, conservation of freshwater ecosystems and river basin management in urban contexts, taking into account the interactions of freshwater ecology and biodiversity with water management, climate adaptation, recreation, public health and urban design.


Review Workshop „Small waterbodies in urban areas“ on 26.06.2017

Biodiversity and the management of urban green play an important role for the recovery and health care of the urban population. Waters play a central role here. But what about the more than 400 urban ponds, small lakes and ditches in Berlin?

In addition to their outstanding role in local recreation, urban ponds are particularly important for the preservation of biodiversity. They have a positive effect on the urban climate and serve for sustainable rainwater management.

The Research Network on Urban Waters has examined the situation of small waterbodies in Berlins districts on 26.06.2017 in a workshop. Actors from public authorities, administration and science discussed the challenges as well as possible options for action and research questions in order to promote the sustainable development of small urban waterbodies.Read more