Isar Plan

Isar Plan was launched in 1995 as an initiative that integrated the goals of flood protection, ecological restoration, landscape design and recreational use.

An 8-km stretch of the river that cuts across the city of Munich has been re-natured, with measures including restoration of the riverbanks, improved access routes and setting the flood defences back from the riverbank. The benefits of the project included improved discharge of flood water/lower risk of flooding, an almost natural river flow, enhanced aesthetics, better access for visitors, improved water quality and a restored habitat that supports local fauna and flora.

Water quality in the River Isar has improved to the point where the water meets bathing water standards, thanks to wastewater treatment plants. In addition, flood protection measures have been integrated with an attractive landscape design. As a result, large numbers of people visit the River Isar, especially during the summer, and Munich is now a city with an 8-km bathing site.

Further information here or in the brochure "A new lease of life for the Isar River!".

35 Mio. €
8 km
2000 - 2011