Healthy waters for liveable cities

Urban Waters is a network of researchers, planners and practitioners that looks at the ecological potentials of streams, ponds, rivers and lakes in cities. Based at IGB Berlin, it connects local, national and international stakeholders as an interdisciplinary network with a focus on applied research. Our main research interest lies in river revitalisation, conservation of freshwater ecosystems and river basin management in urban contexts, taking into account the interactions of freshwater ecology and biodiversity with water management, climate adaptation, recreation, public health and urban design.


News from the Blue Community Berlin

The Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection has launched a new website on the topic of Blue Community as well as published a flyer. In addition, the Senate of Berlin has discussed the topic of Blue Community Berlin at the Senate meeting on July 7, 2020 (see press release) and reported on the current status to the House of Representatives (see below).

Berlin has become a Blue Community member following a resolution by the House of Representatives on March 22, 2018, with which the State of Berlin has committed to the following principles:

- Recognition of [ ... ]Read more


Flussfilmfest Berlin 2020 - How do you save what you love?

Join us for two evenings with films and discussions on free rivers, clean water and freshwater life!Read more


Urban Waters at River Film Fest Munich 2020

The film "UPRIVER" takes a look at the city of Portland and its Willamette River. A river on the west coast of the United States, but with problems similar to many of its European cousins ​​in industrialized regions. In his film, Jeremy Monroe shows how river bathing, rainwater management and tree planting works with students in a common direction: to make the river and its banks public again, to improve ecological quality and to bring the river back into the consciousness of the city.Read more


Become a network partner

The interdisciplinary research network welcomes everyone. Become a partner if you are interested in waterbodies, their use and biodiversity in urban areas.

The focus is on recreation, the ecological potential of waters, ecosystem services and the related social aspects regarding the equity of the access to water.Read more


Workshop Urban Waters

We are glad to announce our Workshop on Urban Waters on November 27th in Berlin-Mitte. On this occasion Tobias Schäfer, the coordinator of the urban waters research network at the IGB and successor to Jörg Freyhof, will also present himself in this role.

The aim of the workshop is to exchange information on ongoing activities of the partners and to discuss the alignment of the research network in the next years. Find our agenda attached.Read more